About Us


SB Promotions figurehead Scott Bannan’s primary background is in the sport of Muay Thai. Bannan is a former professional 3 x time World Champion and a recent inductee to The Muay Thai Hall of Fame. “I’ve always had a passion for SuperX and MotoX.

I was lucky enough to join forces with Brenden Harrison where we trained together and had our own race team for a couple of years. That’s when I really got close to the sport”. Bannan also has one of Australia’s top private MX tracks in his own back yard. “Being friends with a lot of the riders and hearing what they liked and didn’t like with the sport, was and continues to be a very big advantage when it comes to knowing what the riders really want. I knew that because this was what made myself and Paul become successful at promoting fights, we could certainly transition that success to the SX and MX side of our promotions as well. Our initial aim was to make it so the riders don’t have to pay all the bills. When I first heard the exorbitant figures the riders had to pay to actually compete in a sport they love, it really blew me away. Our focus is maintained on bringing the crowds back through promoting it in the right way, and this in turn would get sponsors back on board. We really wanted to pay these guys what they deserve… a fair and reasonable request for putting their lives on the line competing in the sport they love”.

After their first year promoting SuperX, SB Promotions were honored with a 3 x year exclusive deal to promote the Australian SuperX Championships in Qld. “We were stoked that MA (Motorcycling Australia) believed in what we were doing and believed in a brighter future. The way the new series is set-up and with Mark Luksich steering the bus, I think it’ll be great for the whole sport to have a stable SuperX Championship with all the promoters working together. My goal is to have cheap entry fees and get money up like the USA and have full gates and sell out crowds at every round”. SB Promotions also host a StadiumX Series on the last Saturday in February each year from 2015. In only a short time, prize money has raised to over 20K and rider’s entry fees have been reduced to just $100, and all this from just their first event !!

SB Promotions partner Paul Demicoli is a long-time promoter in his own right, with over twenty years experience in fight sports and having successfully staged over 140 events to date, both nationally and internationally. Paul and Scott are long time friends and share the same passion and goals in staging full scale events. That of both being proficient and the having ability to deliver KO shows. With the mesmerizing success of the pair’s first two events, yielding unheralded crowd numbers topping the 5000 mark at their first ever SuperX event and over 3500 in attendance for the inaugural StadiumX spectacular at their own international venue, success is but a bi-product that proficiency. The crowds will now continue to grow far greater in numbers and another generous contribution to this growth is their ability to maintain cheap family ticket prices. As our primary audience members are generally younger families, the future looks very bright indeed for SuperX lovers.