What is StadiumX?

StadiumX is the tamed down version of Supercross, where the jumps are smaller and the tracks smoothed out to better suit less experienced racers.

A vital stepping stone to full-on Supercross competition, StadiumX gives younger and/or developing riders an important chance to experience racing on a man-made track inside stadium venues without confronting the sometimes daunting jumps of a Supercross track.

With the ability to rapidly alter the Jimboomba X Stadium track lay-out to suit both Supercross and StadiumX events, our venue is one that can readily cater to pro, privateer and clubman riders alike, given the particular requirements of the race bring staged on the day.

Where to go for more Information

Competing in Supercross and StadiumX events requires a competition licence and membership of a motorcycle club affiliated with Motorcycling Australia, the sport’s governing body.

To find details of your local motorcycle clubs, check out the www.mqld.org.au web site in Queensland, or for clubs in other states, check out the www.ma.org.au website and follow the links to your state.

To keep up to date on Supercross and StadiumX race events and news, check out the leading www.motoonline.com.au and www.fullnoise.com.au websites that provide coverage of the sport on a daily basis.